Exploration Directorate History

Exploration Directorate is one of the main and operational directorates of NIOC which started its activity as “Iranian Oil Exploration Company” using Iranian capital and workforce in 1949. This company started its exploration and production activities in the north of Iran under the supervision of Oil Operation Organization in 1960.

Exploration and Development Directorate became the main center of control and supervision of exploration and production activities in 1973 which was contemporaneous with the countrywide exploration and production activities.

Along with the changes in organizational chart, production sector got separated from Exploration and Production Directorate and joined NISOC.

Operation sector got separated from Exploration Directorate 1997 and then Exploration Directorate established and registered Exploration Services Company whose activities included upstream services. Exploration Directorate has preserved its present situation ever since.

Exploration Directorate is very significant geopolitically at present. Exploration activities are widespread and covers large areas both onshore and offshore.