Exploration Directorate Policy

in the name of God

Exploration Directorate Policy

Exploration Directorate, as the first part of oil industry chain value, is the most fundamental and most experienced sector responsible for recognizance and discovery of gas and oil in the country and it is also an internationally known company. This Directorate, aligned with country’s grand duties and plans, is active in policy making, defining and meticulous supervising of the implementation of programs, research projects and operations of oil and gas discovery.

In order to achieve its missions at its heights and create more value and strength for Islamic Republic of Iran and also make its beneficiaries satisfied, it has defined its policies as follows:

  1. Detection and discovery of oil and gas potential in country’s sedimentary basins
  2. Efficient management of the implementation of comprehensive and integrated studies and also exploration operations to boost exploration success rate
  3. Maximizing the produced oil and gas rate paving the way for the development of new fields in the country to maintain and promote production through the discovery of new fields
  4. Boosting job satisfaction, empowerment and promotion of staff knowledge and skills as organization’s main capital
  5. Emphasis on sustainable development requirements via energy conservation, environmental protection, creating a save environment and promoting staff health
  6. Reinforcement of self-esteem through supporting and promoting the domestic capacity
  7. Attempts to update and promote organizational technical knowledge to world class
  8. Pursuing of value engineering and constant improvement through operational index and monitoring and optimization of job processes
  9. Development and promotion of communication and the increase in interaction between national and international oil companies
  10. Human munificence observation, social responsibility and occupational ethics

In order to assure that an integrated and systematic infrastructure for optimization are built and defined goals are achieved, the observation of  9001 ISO – 10015 ISO- 29001  ISO /TS quality management standard requirements are on the agenda and it is committed to monitor and revise the processes periodically. The beneficiaries are expected to commit themselves to this policy and attempt to achieve these goals.

Primary Issuance Date: 2011/04/09

Document Code: ME01001 / 02

Date of revision: 2016/08/31

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