Research and Technology Department

Exploration Directorate of National Iranian oil company, one of the main sections of petroleum ministry, has had a critic role in advancement of Iranian oil targets from long time ago and with the record of more than one hundred years is a greatest source of knowledge both in theoretical and applied scopes.

Nowadays this organization with technical recruits and high educators has ability to manage the scholars and have proved its position based on scientific knowledge.

Managers’ consideration to the research and also the place of technology in view of 2020, has made an opportunity to share the scientific knowledge and technical ability between our experts and university and nowadays Exploration Directorate with the co-operation of more than one hundred master and PHD students in local and foreign universities, has been succeed to flow science and technology between university and industry.

Furthermore, recognition of new field of petroleum technology & establishment of new research projects will lead us to the new means of technology in petroleum exploration & a shining future.

Research and Technology Mission

Clause 1-Goals

– The expansion and development of research in the basis of exploration at petroleum industry

– Suitable structure for development related to research activities

– Upgrading related research activities

Clause 2-Duties and Rights

– Investigation and recognition of research necessity in the basis of exploration

– Execution of research, applied & developing projects in order to reach to exploration directorate goals.

– Execution of fundamental project via contrast with research centers, universities inside & outside of Iran.

– To prepare the required conditions related to oppropriate activities.

– To cooperate with universities and other research institute in Iran and out of Iran to improve the quality of research activities in the basis of oil industry according the rules and regulations.

– Providing consulting services to members and organizations according to the conclusion of previous research projects.

– To publish magazines, scientific books, training papers, software, hardware and other computer programs appropriate to exploration directorate’s goals.

– Hard act to follow research and technical process related to exploration in all worlds and continual inform.

– Creativity and technical management in organization

– Holding scientific conferences and presenting the results of researches in workshops, according the rules and regulations.

– Investigation of planning, making, exploitation and keeping the structures related to science in oil and gas exploration.

– Performance structure related to exploration, appropriate to planned programs and preferences.

– Providing and updating necessary standards in expansion of related technologies

– Explaining he need and recognizing the training necessities based on existing situation and future condition for training experts in exploration section.

Clause 3-Long-term goals

– Expansion and development of research and technology and also establish suitable structure for improving research activities in all branches related to Exploration Directorate with taking advantages of technical, scientific and specialized trainings inside or outside of the country.

– Cooperation with other research and training institute to interchange information on a rapid two-way basis to improve the quality of appropriate research activities.

Clause 4-Policy

– Creation of research and studies base, with efficient and skilled management

– Determination of research and developmental strategies in exploration section

– To coordinate research method and policy

– Taking advantages of scientific situation in organization, universities and other technical and scientific institute in or out of country

– Compiling regulations, standards and technical rules

– Developing field researches

– Recognition and gaining the latest scientific technology related to exploration and taking advantage of this technology in operation systems

– Creation management and developing new technology in organization