Standard System

Quality Management System in Exploration Directorate

Petroleum industry is a prominent index of Iranian industrial capabilities and strategic power and investment in this industry has a direct effect on running other industries. Consequently, the growth of this industry can be an introduction to the betterment and improvement of other industries.

What boosts the priority of Exploration Directorate in absorbing national and international investments is its attempts in benefiting from the key features of success and its main distinction from others is its organizational structure and the existence of a common and trustworthy language to import and implement new technology and punctual completion of projects. This will be implemented through the use of a high quality management system with its certain disciplines in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. This organization is comprised of a network of national standard institutes in different countries which work under one center in that country and all work under another center which is located in Geneva (Switzerland). The observation of ISO in production and product and service supplies is of such an importance that ISO standards are the prerequisites for international interactions in the world trade context.

Implementation of quality management system in Exploration Directorate are based on the constant work processes and its dynamism. It is done for the transparency of staff duties and identity to eliminate repetitious processes and through replacement of duty structure, staff become aware of the significance of their work through their systematic and comprehensive outlooks.

The need of the organization to use modern systems and management principles include:

The first principle: concentration on customer

The second principle: leadership

The third principle: staff participation

The fourth principle: process approach

The fifth principle: systematic approach to management

The sixth principle: constant improvement

The seventh principle: decision making based on realities

The eighth principle: beneficial and mutual relationship with suppliers

Accordingly, Exploration Directorate, with the cooperation and participation of its staff since 2000, and with the implementation of quality management standard system of ISO 9001:2008 and also ISO TS 29001:2010 with special oil, gas and petrochemical orientation and in order to improve training processes and in order to achieve strategic management goals in training domain with full participation of the staff to obtain ISO 10015, has taken official measures.

As a result, after being audited by German DQS auditors, ventured to obtain the above mentioned certificates from DQS Company and became a member of world quality network IQNET.