Technical Activities

Regarding the importance of the exploration of hydrocarbon resources as a support for continual production, much attention is paid to the complete data acquisition which comes from the well drilling and layer testing. The quality and quantity of the acquired data as a primary source to calculate the development and production of each field is done by drilling wells, well logging, efficiency tests and economical evaluation of the field as the primary data. The end result of all exploration activities are in the form of facts and figures and the information that make the case for a field. It is obvious that precision in evaluations and the amount of primary data are the building blocks of development and production activities. Investment is made based on such information. As all the surface reservoirs have been explored, the exploration of deeper reservoirs requires more advanced technologies to ensure the completion of exploration goals and the necessary data. New equipment with their advanced technologies accelerate evaluation and boost more precision and the new logging and testing tools complement complete data acquisition.

Well drilling is done to attain all graph information and layer testing and drilling data. Due to lack of information concerning geological structures and exploration wells, it is necessary to use the best required equipment and material. After drilling each well, its file will be presented for the betterment of drilling conditions. Among obvious exploration wells items are high pressure and high temperature along with harmful gasses and uncertainty.