Exploration Directorate Held : Gas shale Recognizance and Evaluation for the First Time in Iran

For the first time in Iran, drilling waste treatment system using electro-coagulation in Mino exploration well
September 1, 2018
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September 24, 2018


Reported by Exploration Directorate Public Relations

A research seminar titled “Recognizance and Evaluation of Gas Shale resources in Mid-Jurassic Sedimentary Sequence till Lower Cretaceous in Lorestan Area” was held at Exploration Directorate Amphitheater with all managers and experts present.

In this project, gas shale resources were studied based on geological information of the area and previous exploration studies of Garou and Sargalou formations for the first time in Iran. The research plan was performed based on the customary and modern methods used in exploration and evaluation of gas shales by NIOC Exploration Directorate and cooperation of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry and German RWTH Aachen University which was financed by Research Institute of Petroleum Industry within 6 months.

Gas shale resources were recognized and evaluated in Sargalou and Garou formation in Lorestan region. This project included geological, geochemical and geotechnical studies of potential horizons using surface and well samples and also petro-physical and geophysical evaluations and interpretations, structural analysis and the evolution of this part from Zagros fold-thrust belt. The possibility of existence of Gas shale resources in this area was studied through heat burial 2D modeling and geological static modeling and regions and sequences with the study possibility were introduced. Primary estimates of the amount of gas reservoir as free and absorbed gas were also presented.

Transferring state of the art technology for the exploration of gas shale resources are of the worthwhile results of this research. Precise methods of horizontal drilling of hydraulic fracturing of targeted formation and field phase will be dealt with in the second phase of this research.

Seminar was welcomed by the audience the results were fruitful.

Its can be mentioned that all fine sediments which are able to produce and reserve gas hydrocarbon and cam fracture to produce gas is called gas shale. These resources include a full oil system in which it embraces the source rock and its cover. These resources had been recognized a log time ago but it has not be recoverable till recently due to the impermeability of reservoir rock. Gas shale resources have become commercial in country with related technologies such as America due to progresses in well drilling and well completion especially in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing and the changes in world energy economy. There have been extensive studies on these resources for the above mentioned reasons. These resources for their huge amount and less environmental damages will play a very important role in the near future in world energy.

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